Volunteer Ombudsman

Many people who live in nursing facilities have no phone readily available.  They have few friends, little energy, or don’t know whom to call.  The Volunteer Ombudsman Program seeks individuals to volunteer their time to visit nursing home and residential care facilities to help enhance the resident’s quality of life.  The Volunteer Ombudsman serves as the eyes and ears of the Ombudsman. 

Training is provided to assist the volunteers on how to effectively communicate with residents and how to recognize potential problems and violation of resident’s rights.

If you choose to become a volunteer ombudsman you will:

Be trained in visiting long-term care residents
Receive the support of the designated local entity
Have regular visitation in one or more nursing homes
Help inform the residents and family members about the Ombudsman Program
Maintain strict confidentiality
Discuss the needs of residents with the Ombudsman
If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Ombudsman please contact Frankie Riga at (870) 930-2235.