Family Caregiver

Support for Family Caregivers

Access to EAAAA Programs

We Focus on Our Caregivers' Needs

East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging (EAAAA) understands the importance of providing care to our loved one. We also understand and know the importance of the caregiver. The caregiver is the backbone of the support system to the sick person. However, the needs of the caregiver are the primary focus of the service.
Caregiver talking to an elder

A Variety of Services Are Available for Our Caregivers

  • Respite
  • Support groups
  • Legal assistance
  • Caregiver resources
  • Access to EAAAA programs
  • Family mediation
  • Information
  • Newsletter
  • Ombudsman
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From support groups to legal assistance, we provide different kinds of services for our caregivers.
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